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Enter’d Prentice’s Song
music of Enter’d Prentice’s Song

COME, let us prepare,
We Brothers that are
Assembled on merry occasion ;
Let’s drink, laugh, and sing ;
Our Wine has a Spring :
Here’s a health to an Accepted MASON.

The World is in pain
Our Secrets to gain,
And still let them wonder and gaze on ;
They ne'er can divine
The Word or the Sign
Of a Free and an Accepted MASON.

’Tis This, and ’tis That,
They cannot tell What,
Why so many GREAT MEN of the Nation
Should Aprons put on,
To make themselves one,
With a Free and an Accepted MASON.

Have laid by their Swords,
Our Myst’ry to put a good Grace on,
And ne’er been ashamed
To hear themselves nam’d
With a Free and an Accepted MASON.

Antiquity’s Pride,
We have on our side,
And it maketh men just in their Station :
There’s nought but what’s good
To be understood
By a Free and an Accepted MASON.

Then join Hand in Hand,
T’each other firm stand,
Let’s be merry, and put a bright Face on :
What Mortal can boast
As a Free and an Accepted MASON?

Constitutions, James Anderson. London : 1723, p. 84. A new verse was inserted after verse V in Benjamin Franklin's 1734 printing, p. 90: "VI. / We’re true and sincere / And just to the Fair ; / They’ll trust us on any occasion : / No Mortal can more,/ The Ladies adore, / Than a Free and an Accepted Mason."

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