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The symbols and stories of freemasonry
The Stairway of Freemasonry
Apron the badge of innocence and the bond of friendship
Sons of Light the dawn of the Enlightenment
Pomegranate a symbol of fertility
Trowel a symbol of brotherly love
Tyler to prevent the approach of every unworthy thought
Square and Compasses
The mystery of the craft
Wisdom, Strength and Beauty
Happiness is a choice
Benevolence the pursuit of happiness
Friendship a threefold cord is not quickly broken
Triangle an ancient symbol for a measure of grain
Geometry the measurement of land
The letter G may refer to geometry
Ancient Landmarks of freemasonry
Point within a Circle Finding Your Center
Lost Word the search for truth
Death of the Builder a masonic legend
Living Stones being built into a spiritual house
Three Distinct Knocks Following your Path, Finding Your Center
Allegory stories that teach life skills
An Ethereal Mansion not made by human hands
as a tree falls English Proverb 1678
The Lewis denotes strength and signifies the son of a mason
Noah a just man and perfect
Jephthah the stone rejected by the builders
Judah ancestor of King Solomon
Hiram Abif a skilled artisan
Brunelleschi's Dome Florence
Athelstan king of all Britain
time immemorial 3 September 1189
Ancient Mysteries records in 1376 list 48 Mysteries of the City of London
Ely Cathedral
Jehovah introduced into the English language by Tyndale
Semper Idem Always The Same
William Schaw Master of Works to James VI of Scotland
Inigo Jones the first notable English architect
Sir Christopher Wren Architect of St Paul's Cathedral, London
Goose and Gridiron St John's Day 1717
Ancient Charges of a Freemason
Enter’d Prentice’s Song
A Free Mason Formed Out of the Material of his Lodge
Frontispiece to James Anderson's Constitutions of Free Masonry
William Watson manuscript
Duke of Richmond followed his father into freemasonry
Duke of Sussex one of the most illustrious figures in the annals of freemasonry
Third degree controversy and compromise
paleo Hebrew script the writing system of King Solomon's Temple
Ugarit a cradle of urban culture
Byblos an ancient port
Joppa meaning beauty
Jerusalem Temple a house of prayer for all nations
work, rest and play stonemasons lead the movement to introduce an eight hour day
Land of the Golden Fleece by Arthur Streeton


Jason and The Argonauts
books about the quest for the Golden Fleece
The Palace
a poem by Rudyard Kipling
Three Questions
a story by Leo Tolstoy
A Journey to the Heart of Three Faiths
Walking the Bible
A Journey by Land Through the Five Books of Moses
The Rise of The Public in Enlightenment Europe
by James Van Horn Melton

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