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The Lodge of the Golden Fleece meets at East Melbourne on the second Friday of February, March, May, July, September and November.

craftsman's art and music's measure
for thy pleasure all combine.

The Lodge of the Golden Fleece is number 300 on the register of Freemasons Victoria


Freemasonry teaches practising charity and care for the community by charitable giving and voluntary work.

Freemasons Public Charitable Foundation

Launched in 1989, the Foundation raises funds from the general public as well as freemasons. Income derived from the investment of these funds is distributed to public charities approved by the Commissioner of Taxation. Donations to the Foundation are tax deductible.

City of London Festival 2001

The Lodge was pleased to support the performance of a work by composer Ron Nagorcka for harpsichord, didgeridoo and Australian bush sounds, symbolising the reconciliation of two cultures.

Australian Chamber Choir

The Lodge is honoured to be a sponser of the recently formed Australian Chamber Choir as part of our commitment to support talented young Australians in the performing arts.

Fraternal organisations, including the Freemasons, attended and supported the arts. In 1723 The Theatre Royal in Drury Lane staged Love In A Forest with a dedication by the author, Charles Johnson, himself a Freemason, to the Worshipful Society of Freemasons. In 1728, the Grand Master, announced his intention to attend the Old Play House, hoping and expecting Brethren to accompany him. In August 1730 a Masonic play, The Generous Freemason was staged in London

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