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The Lodge of the Golden Fleece meets at East Melbourne on the second Friday of February, March, May, July, September and November.

craftsman's art and music's measure
for thy pleasure all combine.

The Lodge of the Golden Fleece is number 300 on the register of Freemasons Victoria

Golden Fleece Orchestra

The experience of dining at The Lodge of the Golden Fleece has traditionally been enhanced by a supper orchestra. Performances of the orchestra cover a range of musical styles, with an appropriate selection of instruments and musicians on any given evening. All the musicians of the orchestra play for the love of music and the fellowship created and dispersed by a shared enjoyment of music.

The orchestra has been assisted on many occasions by professional musicians as well as musicians with a trade or profession who have a love of music and make a hobby of musical performance.


Wor Bro Weston Pett established the orchestra when the lodge was formed in 1922. Bro Les Barklamb and Bro Dr Kaye Scott joined the Lodge in 1930 and assisted the orchestra when practicable. In 1943, the orchestra combined with an orchestra, which had been formed by South Brunswick Lodge No 484 in 1932 and comprised freemasons who were professional musicians. Many were members of the Thespian Lodge No 232 or Orpheus Lodge No 393, both being Daylight Lodges to suit performing artists and musicians who worked in the evenings.

Melanie Duncan

Melanie Duncan blitzed the 1999 Mietta Song Recital Award, winning the Popular Choice award and the Musical Partnership with her accompanist Claire Cooper, in addition to the Award itself. ABC of American Art Song is her recital CD of 20th century American art song.

City of London Festival 2001

The Lodge of the Golden Fleece was pleased to support the performance of a work by composer Ron Nagorcka for harpsichord, didgeridoo and Australian bush sounds at the City of London Festival 2001 as part of the celebrations of the Centenary of Federation.

Australian Chamber Choir

The Lodge of the Golden Fleece is pleased to support the Australian Chamber Choir, which has recently returned from a successful tour of Europe. The Australian Chamber Choir offers programs ranging through the entire spectrum of classical music. An emphasis is placed on the Renaissance, J.S.Bach and contemporary Australian music.

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