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Quest for the Golden Fleece

This expedition to the end of the earth was an epic journey into the unknown. It became the classic vogage of discovery, that represented the eternal desire to conquer the unknown. Jason succeeded by assembling a team of specialists and using the most advanced technology of his age.

The story of Jason and the Argonauts is a set during the Bronze Age before the Trojan War. Apollonius of Rhodes, who was head of the library at Alexandria, composed the most famous version in the third century BC, after the invasion of Asia by Alexander the Great. In this version, the vogage became an expedition to the Black Sea.

Jason & the Dragon, Athenian red figure kylix C5th B.C.

The Colchian Dragon disgorges the hero Jason. Behind it the Golden Fleece hangs from a tree. Athena oversees the scene, holding a small owl. The Dragon was an giant serpent, which guarded the Golden Fleece in the sacred grove at Colchis. In this version of the story, Jason was first devoured and then disgorged by the Dragon.

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