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From the sensational to the scholarly, freemasonry continues to excite the interest of readers and authors.

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recent well researched books that present accurate information

The Magic Flute
a masonic opera by Mozart books, CDs and video

reprint editions from Kessinger Publishing Company
a classic selection of masonic writings

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personal opinions of freemasons

critics of the craft
freemasonry has learned by listening to the perceptions of its critics, although not necessarily accurate these books have been catalysts for change within the craft

ancient Egyptian mysteries
the builders of the pyramids were once considered the first stonemasons

What do masons do behind closed doors? What does it all mean and does it matter? These questions by freemasons and others have lead to the publication of many books - both factual and fanciful.

masonic books

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At this web site you can read a brief introduction to freemasonry and the ancient charges, browse books by featured authors, and find links to other web sites

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