Secrets of Palladio's Villas Andrea Palladio

Palladio (1508 -1580) was a stonemason, who became one of the world's most influential Architects. His Venetian Villas revived the themes of classical buildings and featured harmoniously proportioned rooms. They became the model for the English county houses of the eighteenth century. Inigo Jones (1573-1652) had a collection of nearly three hundred designs and sketches by Andrea Palladio. Their influence on American buildings such as Monticello was to shape they way we think about buildings today.

Palladio's Italian Villas

discover Vincenza The town of Vicenza is known all over the world as "the town of Palladio". A large part of Palladio's work, including both urban palaces and country residences, was built in and around Vicenza.

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