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stories that teach life skills

William Blake

St Augustine (354-430) insisted that if a biblical text contradicted reputable science, then the text was to be interpreted as an allegory. This remained the standard Christian practice until the seventeenth century. The discoveries of Isaac Newton in mechanics and optics encouraged the idea of an intelligent creator who was skilled in geometry.

Charles Darwin presented the idea, that life evolves from the survival of randomly varied coded information in accordance with the laws of physics. Life is the most surprising product of the laws of physics. Evolution is not only the greatest show on earth, it is the only game in town.

How can people learn to unlock their creativity and maintain social and political order? Is there an inner source of strength to cope with mortality and endure pain or sorrow with serenity?

Reason provides explanations that correspond to external reality and enable people to function effectively in the world.

Faith is impossible without the compassion that arises from the recognition that suffering is an inescapable part of life.

The ancient Greeks distinguished two forms of knowledge; logos and mythos.

The most influential Jewish, Christian and Muslim thinkers understood that a compassionate lifestyle enables people to cultivate new capacities of mind and heart. The mainstream belief of the world's peoples is very clear. They believe God exists.

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